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quotes of valentines

“I love you, Jimmy and I’m so penitential… what I did New Year’s Day was horrible. I’m just glad we’re together again and you forgave me.”

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“My parents caught us. I don’t talk much about them. Growing up, family was so signal to me. I always felt different and with my kinfolk, I had a safe place,” Suzanne told Colby, but as she did, the emotions on her face shifted again. Colby could see anger. “As long as I conformed,” Suzanne added. “They are unerring bigots, Colby. And the worst of the worst are gays.”
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Far below, the blue waters of the Pacific gave progress to the shallow green waves that built up and incessantly crashed upon the beach. The inviting waters from Alaska were so spiritless only some fools on New Year’s Broad daylight ever ventured off the sand and not for very extended.

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“Never thought about it.”
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“Ah. You’re her father.”

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“Then I can’t help you.” Each word sent a breath of acrid air to the ground Blaine’s ass causing his hole to twitch.
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“God! Too fucking early is only,” Piper said. She closed her eyes for a moment and then sighed. “It’s actually for the choicest. I sine qua non to get home and get ready on work.” She sat up and groaned. “Today will not be a good day.”

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I wonder exactly what happened… Like, what friends would Nathan be with at about 3AM?
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