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Eliza looked at him, wondering what was going to happen. She was torn between the two of them.

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“This is insane! Jessica worked for YOU during the majority of all of your pregnancies!” Claire exclaimed.
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Tonight was different. Suzanne looked fabulous. She had a black cardigan on over a low slight white lacy top. Suzanne’s bust wasn’t esteemed like Colby’s but that top gave the dent of much more than there was. The gentle curve of the tops of her breasts showed, as did the cleavage between them. Her long legs were in tight leggings that were mostly grey with irregular short ivory lines breaking it up. A widespread across that tied around her waist with the ends dangling accentuated her long slender body. Even though she was already absurd, she wore two-inch heels that made her legs look even better than usual.

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“Nothing yet, possibly, dear Barbara.” Charlotte bestowed a smile on her friend and looked back at Caroline. “Nonetheless, there has been talk of uniting our families for several years.”
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