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Somehow it never occurred to her he might be a rapist or butcher. Some white men did seem to think colored women were for their own personal use, illegally or on the other hand. He didn’t look the ilk to her but then, what did the type look like?

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Embarrassed at being caught with my vainness, I held out my hand for my change and he winked at me,
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Bethany was self-conscious sitting with James. She knew she had destroyed him that morning and wished she could relive the day and bear a different outcome. Trendy that it had been done, she didn’t know what to do.

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“No, the soda’s fine. I don’t the cup that cheers when I write.”
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“I offered a companionship with lots of fun, dialogue and sweaty sex. If I wanted to sell my body I would settle also in behalf of a gold-digger.”

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“Masts,” William filled in the word.
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