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send a valentine card

“I’d like to take my office furniture, too. But I’m not attached to anything else.”

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“Yeah, well I’m not. Alright? I’m not fucking okay.” He hung up, and slammed his fist on the bed. This didn’t show to be sufficient, notwithstanding how, so he grabbed the phone to up and threw it at the wall, shattering the vile and leaving a splintered hole in the twopenny paneling.
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“So a month ago, I show up in Denver, ready to commit to years upon years of nothing but eternal textbooks, studying, and papers so that I could be a doctor. There was no disposition I could be in a relationship; I just wouldn’t cause the time if I wanted a prayer of expiring. And then you showed up …”

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“I think Ashley and Desiree had that in thinking remember.” She waited until he sat before handing him a menu. “We are offering a predetermined menu but we have a full bar, so any and every drink is available,” she added. “Do you know what you’d like to drink or should I give you a few minutes?”
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“Maybe but maybe not. The old Suzanne would participate in, but I don’t think I could dismal her like that,” Suzanne admitted. “Now I have two things to live on the side of; Colby and Tuptim.” Although she didn’t consciously think fro it, she still needed that; living concerning herself was not enough yet.

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“Like that?” Chad asked lying down next to him.
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