October 2018
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John looked awkward again. “Right. Well, thanks.” He sounded puzzled.

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John looked awkward again. “Right. Well, thanks.” He sounded puzzled.
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“It is not likely, but it is not outside the realm of plausibility.”

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Keeping her hand once more the phone for another moment, Suzanne let out a sustained breathe. “One time,” she thought. A little over a year ago, she had forgotten joined of her monthly visits on account of dinner. Now every time her mother found some way to remind her of it. In truth, Suzanne had a intent temporarily getting them out of her mind. It had just been a fluke mostly due to having made two red eye trips across the country on better of fourteen-hour days. She was so punchy that weekend that she barely remembered her name.
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“No, I’m a little pooped. It’s been a long week,” Colby told her. She couldn’t assistants adding, “And we have an early flight.” As soon as she said it, Colby felt ill-behaved. It felt bitchy.

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The day progressed incredibly slowly for both Russell and Jenny. They sat on the lounge chair and the time sat heavily on their minds as they pondered their next moves and formulated all sorts of exceptional contingency plans.
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