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Bethany Rose sat next to James as if she was entitled. He said nothing while he ate but occasionally glanced at her with a affront beam. Eliza stared at Bethany… her own sister ‘cuddling up’ to a white crew they actually knew nothing yon except he had money, a nice house and something happened to shut him insane from the rest of the world.

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“I didn’t want to presume that, you know, you’d want me to be here, in your lodgings.”
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“You mean I’m going to have to deal with you only about ripping my cock off every time we have sex for the rest of our lives?” Marc laughed.

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So far, there was no recognition of her attempts to reach out. “It’s getting a little hard to support doing this, Daddy,” she said aloud. The frequency was dropping a suspicion. It was five days since her last call. Sighing, she touched the phone, put it to her ear, and waited for it to clang. Once it started to ring, Suzanne counted down until it would go to voicemail. She was shocked when it was picked up on the third ring.
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