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st valentine s day cards

Simply then, Suzanne’s eyes fluttered open and met Colby’s. Her eyes were still full of sleep, but their eyes locked for a few moments. Both of their eyes were unreadable and they each wondered what the other was thinking. Then Suzanne broke the spell with a long stretch.

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A soft chortle filled the receiver. “It feels so nice to finally hear your voice; I didn’t think you’d answer.” Sabrina basked in the velvet echo of his publication.
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“No it was.” Jamie continued, “I thought I felt something there, and I design you did too, but I was wrong and it wasn’t worth it and I wish I hadn’t done it.

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‘I told him I had to leave, but he blocked the door …’
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“Bethany Rose… what is it?”

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“Oh my god I’m sorry I was zoned gone from and it’s just been a long four of days and I didn’t mean to stare I really didn’t I’m abject.” she rambled but Jamie cut her off saying it was ok.
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