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the start of valentine day

“As strange as this sounds, he didn’t believe those two men did it. He even paid for the choicest lawyer he could find but people thought it was just misplaced disaster. He met with them in and over and tried his best to prove their innocence. His wife’s family never spoke to him again.

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Harry began to assemble the top on her. The neck-strap tied to the clasps of the broach; it looked like a necklace. The padded lodged with someone-strap connected the bottoms of the triangles comfortably under her breasts. The laces spoken for to the top of the triangles joined loosely to the slot at the behind of the broach until the fit could be adjusted correctly and comfortably.
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“What? Why?” He was clearly muddled and Sabrina felt bad for frightening him. She remembered what she’d said about valuing others’ opinions of her, but she’d been through enough the past few days. Check wouldn’t do her any good, and if she could avoid it she would try her crush.

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The four backed away, warily looking around.
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I stared at him for a moment in confusion, watching as he moved across to the sink to wash his hands. “What?”

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I stared at him for a moment in confusion, watching as he moved across to the sink to wash his hands. “What?”
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