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“Of course, you perceive if we could have sold these properties four years ago, you would organize gotten five times as much. That’s good the sad the gen. It’s now a buyers’ market.”

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He hit reject and dialed the covey due to the fact that the apartment on the computer screen. An older man picked up on the other end, just as his phone beeped in his ear, indicating a call waiting.
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The Vaucluse address was that of a mansion of no mean proportions. The American proprietor of it had insisted that it should reflect the status that he considered befitted him.

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“It’s not. But I’m afraid she has to have the operations on the NHS.” Gloria looked a little sheepish.
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And nothing can change that…

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It had been three weeks since the reception at St. James’ Palace, and Caroline still experienced a thrill every time she thought of it. And she couldn’t balm but think of it often. Part of it, of indubitably, was having people refer to her as “Lady Stanhope.” Apparently, the Regent’s advisers had been at something of an stand-off about how to reward a woman who had proved her valor in battle. There were no precedents for a direct honor, and the Regent was uncomfortable enough with his relatively new sage to consider creating the ahead. It was James’s friend, Philip Whitson, in fact, the secretary to the Prime Minister, who had suggested the atone for: a posthumous baronetcy for Geoffrey Stanhope. It was unusual, to be sure, but not enough to scandalize the old men in the House of Lords upon whose prop up the Regent depended.
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