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I stood there, breathing heavily.

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Three hours later Blaine was pulling himself into a dyad of super tight leather pants and a black and red leather jacket, origin the dressing accommodation door he stood with a discountenance.
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“In consequence of you. I comprise two cars, an airplane…”

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*I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter. I discern it didn’t have a lot of “romance” in it, but seemed necessary to develop the characters and fill up the situation more understandable before moving forward.
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Angie consumed most of the day packing up her clothing. Her husband slept in the lodger room, exhausted from his all non-stop activities. As she started packing her car, her phone rang. Her mother called to confirm she wasn’t going to try to make things right with her husband. As she hung up, her husband walked out of the guest reside and attempted to talk to her, but Angie remained defiant. As she placed the last of her belongings in the trunk, she told him that her lawyer would be occupation and that she was done with all his shit.

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Her words and worthy were nothing but a blur. She seemed farther away from me at present.
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“We operate on a COD main ingredient. You deliver the goods and collect the money. After that you cover out your percentage and deliver the respite of the money to a safe place. Don’t get any thoughts about doing a bunk with a age’s takings. The pattern bodily that tried that ended up as shark bait on my last fishing fall down off the coast.”

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“Were you surprised to see the others here?” Charity asked.
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