October 2018
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valentine art and craft

“In what progress?” Ben was intrigued. What could possibly account for the conduct Gerald was acting?

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I sighed and shook my head with a shrug of my shoulders. “I chock-a-block up Rocky and drove down here.”
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Bethany looked out the kitchen window as she washed tomatoes suitable the evening dinner. Tonight was spaghetti night. She was going to make a salad and pineapple upside down cake for sweet, giving Eliza a break. She felt a little guilty keeping Eliza up all night with her noisy lovemaking with James. Later, she had a disconcert… vanilla ice cream and 7-Up.

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It didn’t matter quest of her own fingers had moved down to massage herself and as she brought herself to an almost magical orgasm, her wild movements caused him to refute.
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“I’ll look forward to it you little minx, but for now, shall we leave them until they are completely made up and then we can all proceed as normal?”

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Marc laughed too, “Divinity I just want to gather her laugh, and see her grin, and hold her in my arms Dad. I think I understand what you were talking regarding when you’d tell us about when you and Mom met immediately. When I’m not with her I feel like someone’s cut me in half. I don’t understand it, we’ve only known each other for a week and I can’t bear being without her.”
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