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“Just to keep you thinking of me until we’re together again,” he said, winking as he closed the door behind him.

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Even even though acknowledging it made her perceive guilty, Suzanne couldn’t lie. “Yes, it was careful.”
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The sun had given up the ghost and retired defeated for the evening behind the glum buildings and swirling grey clouds when the three men emerged separately from the building and made their separate ways to their separate lodgings to arrange their joint descend upon to the disembark of the bronzed Surf Lifesaver and nubile young persons (female) who congregated with minimal covering on the golden sands of the beaches.

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“Shit!” George P said for the second time in a short while, “No-one tells me anything.”
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“I’m not talking about entering your sweet warmth. Release me drink you and you can touch me, giving us both a good night’s doze.”

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Like earlier in the day, Colby wondered why Suzanne touched her this way. Still, there was no denying that her underlying dolour spurious her. Even in the brief time she knew Suzanne, Colby could tell that she used work to mask her demons at bay. “Don’t work too late,” was all she said.
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“I don’t know and I don’t want to bloody know and I’m tellin’ you that for nothin’.”

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“I’m not sure. I guess we should get to know each other better.” He looked at her, extended his hand, and smiled. “I’m Etienne Pettijohn.”
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“It looks beautiful.”

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“Wow, this is nice, PJ,” Butch said as he looked around.
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