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He could have done anything…

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I breathed heavily as my orgasm washed over me.
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“I wanted you with me so much that I was unwilling to opt for a chance on losing you. I was caught between heaven and gehenna with you… and, then there’s your sister.”

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Chiara hugged his arms more tightly around her midriff and whispered back, “I lover you too Marc Montgomery.”
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“I hope that you’re not serious.”

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“I hope that you’re not serious.”
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The even so between shifts passed the way it every time did: without merit. Adrian had a series of mental exercise packets he had found in a used book department store. They were similar to the ones the hospital had given him after his accident, perhaps a little harder and varied. The one he was on now had the words “FIFTH GRADE” in big blue bubbled letters across the front. Happy cartoon children graced the upper outside corner of every errand-boy.

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“Yes.” Blaine nodded then laughed as Chad swooped him up to fill up e deal with him upstairs. The boys expended the rest of the broad daylight in bed.
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“How do you identify this?” Brain asked.

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“I’m not really a vegetarian, but I verge towards those options,” Colby told Suzanne. “I can see that isn’t you.” Colby laughed again. Suzanne couldn’t succour smiling and feeling a little more comfortable.
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He got up from the bed and holding her gently, kissed her greater than and over.

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“Mmmmmmm… oh, goddamn, Jimmy…”
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