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“So, all this,” she flung out her hands in order to stress the point. “All the flowers, the presents, the dates, the skilful seductions in your office, all that were just means to an kill, to cajole me to marry you in preference to the deadline?”

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“Your midget stunt the other day with grabbing Callie and shoving her into a door created one avernus of a scratch and her OB called the police on me for spousal perversion. The stress of carrying your spawn, the attack and my arrest genesis Callie’s blood pressure to spike. To pay for a long history short, your spawn is dead and she’s too far gone to have a D&C or a regular miscarriage.” Cooper glanced back at Callia and smiled gently before turning back to Doug.
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“Here is your present,” Blaine handed Chad an envelope from the nightstand and smiled as Chad read the inside.

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“I see you’ve been added to their on though….” She looked up to see a small, conceited grin on his arrogant mush.
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Charity continued: “Take her clothes and entertainment with her; she’ll like that.”

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He pulled back slowly, gently, pulling her out a little as it was dragged along and then he pushed chasing in even deeper this time, over and over until almost all of his cock was buried short of sight.
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