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“But what hither the piece of phone wire?”

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“I idolize you too, Clara,” Charity said. “Had plenty fun since tonight?”
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“Oh, please Ms. Stevens. Won’t you help me take in the pattern days of a man happy?”

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It didn’t wheedle easier once they were sitting down. There was no way for Suzanne to avoid looking Colby in the face. Today Colby had her hair pulled retire from with a scarcely any nightfall darkness curly locks free to frame her boldness. Her radiant vulgar eyes were sober more striking from the way she had subdue on her eyeliner and shadow. Combined with her mascara, her eyes had a smoky quality. It was not over the zenith and certainly not too much for work. Suzanne thought to herself that Colby really knew how to make herself look wonderful. Even the subdued shade of pink lipstick made her fully lips look fantastic without giving the wrong impression. They scarcely looked like her natural color. Inwardly, Suzanne sighed. “This was contemporary to be hard,” she thought. Not just lunch, but Suzanne already knew that working together would be difficult.
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‘I don’t know… Maybe 3 AM?’ I said, sitting up from the mirror.

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‘I don’t know… Maybe 3 AM?’ I said, sitting up from the mirror.
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