October 2018
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“Liza, it’s raining.”

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“I hate your brother!” Blaine said sitting up and straightening his clothes in front of tossing a look daggers at Chad.
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“I look around and see my brothers, sisters and cousins, all successful in their own ways… doctors, lawyers, teachers, members of the military following their steps. Yes, we are not all here… John and Eliza have been gone for many years. We lost John, Jimmy and Stephen during Vietnam and Mary Beth and Susan…

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“No.” she responded curtly, she didn’t extraordinarily know why she was copping an attitude but it was probably to do with the truthfully that he wasn’t leaving and she knew in his mind he was fucking her in her couch or bed or wherever.
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“Evening, Suzanne. Was the drive okay?” he asked.

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She showed Maria the brochure, barely containing the urge to dance. Maria smiled broadly.
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