November 2017
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The grin on Suzanne’s face disappeared in an critical. It was replaced close to almost a look of panic. “I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking about going out and I didn’t bring anything for a club. I’ve got nothing to don.”

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She leaned her head against his, her teary eyes closed, her lips finally closing as her breathing slowed.
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When he turned it on, he saw that he had two messages. The blue ribbon one was from Cass telling him that she was staying over at her friends. He chuckled at how she sounded, thinking that maybe she had too much to drink. The second unified was from an unknown number, and as he listened to the message his body started to shiver as his honour turned corpse-like.

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“Ahhhhhhhh…” Her hands were in his ringlets, pulling him against her, demanding his attention. “Lick me, Jimmy, and then love me.”
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