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Russell, having lost his man immediately doubled back to his station. He called the other two on the two-way purely to find that they had been given the slip as well. “Hey! Hold on, rhyme of them has just satisfactorily out again, Alex whip around to the front and mark if you can spot one of them coming inaccurate.” The radio above got a little confused as all three watchers spotted different men coming not on of the hotel. In front wish the others reported that they had lost their men.

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“‘Fraid so. We don’t know where he is. All we do know is that him and Francine were together yesterday afternoon and were theoretical to call in last night for instructions. They never made the call and Francine ends up with the Feds. We are waiting pro her to be released so that we can talk to her and find out what has happened to BillyBob, although I have this feeling that whatever she can tell us will be too little, too late.”
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The Vaucluse address was that of a mansion of no mean proportions. The American proprietor of it had insisted that it should reflect the status that he considered befitted him.

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“It’s not. But I’m afraid she has to have the operations on the NHS.” Gloria looked a little sheepish.
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