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He looked at the young woman and smiled. “Yes, let’s get back there. Let’s get you warmed up.”

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He snapped out of whatever day-dream he was in and said, “Right, sorry,” as his face turned to redder than before and he turned his head down.
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“I presume that you are referring to the little matter of a motor agency accident?”

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Maxwell looked at his father carefully, sensing the disturbance in his forebear’s thoughts. He touched his shepherd’s left shoulder, looking at him, “Are you all repair, Dad?”
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But Keegan was in Florida, a regard he needed to reinforce for at least another two weeks. He’d stay there, beside the suicidal number who tore him away from the love of his life and allowed Quincy an opportunity to half-tone between it all. There was absolutely nothing he could do.

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The glasses were smooth. The tabletops, too. The fell was swept and mopped, the windows all wiped, and every other available surface checked for dust.
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Oleandergirl seemed to write average romance stories. Each chapter of her stories was rated as receiving above average votes from readers. He enjoyed them but couldn’t construe why Cathy would, she didn’t seem the sort for joyful endings.

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“Fuck… That’s good, pamper… I missed your mouth…”
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