October 2018
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“Hold responsible you, then, my friend, gratefulness you. We last will and testament surely entreat for you. Would you like something to eat or drink? Ruby? Where’d she go?”

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“I want details from start to finish.” Rochelle replied blandly. Sabrina rolled her eyes previous she went into the description of her outfit and all the ungentlemanly things Quincy had done. She told her friend about his car and the place they ate down to the food they ordered.
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“Um, oh, all right,” Carinelle felt peeved. Somehow, she could reason that the man — this strange unknown control didn’t like her.

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We sat in muteness for a while, Luke steadily working his temperament through the stitches, the tension gradually leaving my shoulders as I settled back against his strongbox. But then I remembered finding myself at peace the last leisure we’d sat like this, that evening up on the rocks while we’d waited championing the tide to subside back out. And revelling in the feel of his arms circa me, Luke’s hint warm against my ear, I allowed my eyes to drift closed.
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