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“Yes Mama. But it is at most because I love him, and I want to show my love in the deepest way.”

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“I want your trifle natural, I like it like that,” Chad kissed his temple and lifted him up and wandered out towards the kitchen, where the smell of freshly baked cookies wafted.
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It never was actual fucking. No blowjobs either, but with my hands, all the time, and sometimes between my tits. Hair and makeup gifted, scantily clad, friendly and seductive, a fantasy woman. That I could rationalize, but not actual fucking, not for the sake monied. It’s just a service, not sex.

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If ever Suzanne was in her space, she went and sat down on the bed. She could feel her nucleus beating hard. “What obtain I agreed to?” she asked herself. She started to take off her trousers. As she pulled out her cell phone, she noticed that there was another voice message from her dad. She sank back down onto the bed again and stared at the camouflage until it faded to wrathful. Finally, she unlocked her phone, went to the voice mails, and hit play on the one from Sunday night.
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“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Charlie dropped her extreme everywhere and rushed closed to Nathan. He stood up, showing her the hook that was now buried into his flesh. Charlie bit her lip and turned his hand backwards and forwards, trying to see how greatly embedded the hook might be.

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The other programmers seemed to come as they all laughed heartily.
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