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“I’m sorry Callie,” Greg said quietly. “You’re going to come with me and do so silently,” he added.

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He smiled. “Do I have to nod off on the couch? Or–” he tugged gently at the top of the duvet “–do I focus on to put in the rest of the night here with you? It’s your collect summon.”
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“Very well.” Peter had a feeling of foreboding.

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“Won’t someone get suspicious about two policemen, and partners at that, both dying within a day of each other in separate `incidents’.”
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“So you superiority need some succour? Matthew.”

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She reached over and hugged me, crying softly. “You’re the beat, Erik. You unendingly know what to say.” For the next 30 to 45 minutes we gathered what we could from her area and shoved it all into a couple duffle bags. We left the door unlocked so the maintaining crew could have access to the room for the next few days. To come going back down the stairs, Donna looked back at her room and sighed years more.   College With a Cane, Freshmen Year, Part 3
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