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valentine ideas for a guy

“Who knows if we’ll harmonize or not when you won’t be reduced me a chance.”

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‘Lizzy… What are you doing here?…’ I asked, leaning my head back.
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Several yards away, he saw his zucchini and cucumbers winding up the trellis he had installed two weeks earlier. Did he really think of them as ‘his’? He guessed he did, given the amount of time he spent there. After the pre-eminent week, he began staying later and later until he practically lived at the Ewart-Franklin house. If the commander noticed, he didn’t say anything. How could he not notice?

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“I’m glad you said that Kiki, because I want to keep you too. I know we’ve only known each other for a week, but I comprehend you’re the girl I’m going to marry.”
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Hazard shook his head and smiled. “I was seated here during my last visit.”

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He desperately tried to put those thoughts out of his vanguard and fought himself as he kept driving north.
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“How do you mean? Frankie’s not upon to talk.”
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