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valentine ideas for fiance

“Please break me, Mr. Morrison, how you both came to be on this island and the total you saw once those guys landed here,” the Captain asked sitting on one of the nearby rocks with two of his men standing within reach listening.

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“Like I said, I get out to Seattle usually a couple times a year to visit my folks. Can I telephone you the next pro tempore?” Nicole asked.
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“You’ve been out for two days.”

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At the front door the next epoch, Ben braced himself for the expected onslaught. She ought to have heard the key in the lock because even as he pushed the door shut, her voice called down the stairs.
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“Where are we going?”

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As the song ended and a new one replaced it, Colby tried to make up concerning it. She reached up, put her hand behind Hattie’s neck, and danced very close to her. Her body brushed against Hattie’s in time with the music. It took Hattie a little second to match it. Colby thought how Suzanne seemed to oblige more grace unvarying though she was still taller than Hattie was. She could never get wholly in sync with Hattie, not through despite any extended period. For a some brief moments, they moved as one but then Hattie would fritter it. They always recovered and brought it lodged with someone, but as much as Colby tried, it didn’t last.
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