October 2018
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“We were at…in a store, earlier and I felt like someone was watching me.” Blaine fiddled with the blanket and pulled a blue thread out twirling it between his fingers.

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“Mmmm, well I’ll talk to A-Annie about sojourning rights. Oh yeah, that’s the spot babe, God you’re so produce Marc.”
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“What do you mean ‘mystified contact with them’?”

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There are diverse disturbing matters surrounding this case that have led to the proliferation of Conspiracy Theories:
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As the pastor stepped up to the pulpit, Uncle Peter slipped in close to Suzanne and put his arm around her. The reassurance it gave her was welcome. Even though there was nothing going on between them, she couldn’t allow Colby to give her that. Things were confused enough. She leaned against her uncle. Like all of her mom’s class, he was towering. Her head fit just right in his shoulder.

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“I’ll let you taste all you want tonight if you let me up now.” Blaine ran his hands auspices of Chad’s honey blonde hair and smiled.
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