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Eliza’s temper flew thoroughly all the possibilities she could think of. She covenanted men much more advisedly than her sister and as to date as she was concerned, this the money innocent man, as nice as he seemed to be, wasn’t any different from any other man, white or colored. They not wanted one possessions and once they got it, they always found a way to leave you… as per usual with their bastard children.

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It had bewitched time but his visits to the two Dutch and one German member of the raiding party had resulted in them conjunction horrible deaths in mysterious circumstances. All that remained for him was to eliminate the three Englishmen and his revenge would be complete. “Patience” he over said to himself, “Is its own reward.”
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“Eliza, when breakfast is beyond, would you be so tolerant as to acknowledge care of the kitchen, Bethany Rose and I own some work to do in the library. In consequence of you.”

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“You’re too late. She’s dead.”
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His words were tense. She closed her eyes and rested her palms on his taut stomach.

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“Annie I deem you’re being unduly dramatic, but I promise not to tell anyone if it makes you feel in one’s bones better.”
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He held her tighter and kissed the cap of her head, “Just don’t do it again please. Not like this. Don’t run out on me.”

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The white women would socialize their domestic servants for the lowest amount they could get away with, knowing there would be always someone else willing to work for even less.
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