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valentines breaks

I haven’t responded this through to a mortals in… healthy, ever. The few relationships I’ve had were straight lived, and mainly about sex.

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“If I can’t sleep with her tonight, I’m going to tease her so that she suffers as much as I will,” Colby anticipation to herself. From Suzanne’s taste shiver, Colby suspected it would be easy to succeed.
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“Apparently.” Jamie joked back.

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“Stop Callie, I’m sorry. I was just surprised. And I’m on head start.” Cooper held up a letter from Harvard and Callia swallowed hard.
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He could commiserate with himself almost there, the torridness moving from incomprehensible inside him and racing to explode into Bethany. She felt him swell even harder, longer, hotter… if any of that was possible. It seemed like nothing was impossible with him.

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“Yes Mama. I have only known him for a few days but already I know in certainty that he is for the purpose me. He is tender-hearted and thoughtful and I love him.”
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