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valentines day cards sayings

He grinned. “You told me model night, remember? In the car. About ten seconds in front you fell asleep.”

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“That’s great! Oh, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry. Will there be a problem staying here, then?”
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“Okay, I’ll stay,” Olivia agreed, winced as her daughter’s hand clung tightly to hers. Lucas, Blythe and Suzie walked out of the room and closed the door behind them as the minister to began explaining what would happen.

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“Mm, suck me, baby,” Chad tugged at Blaine’s spikes and groaned strongly as Blaine swallowed him again as his other hand continued to fondle his balls. Chad gasped as Blaine’s tongue danced across the bundle of nerves under the head of his cock and rubbed his index finger against his hole gently. With a closing thrust and object he emptied himself into Blaine’s vitalized sorrowful. Blaine continued to suckle the tip of his cock until he had finally softened then he slid up and smiled slightly before swallowing the bitter fluent.
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