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Tuesday, December 15th, 1931

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The day that followed was one of the most tense that Captain William Stanhope had ever experienced. Covered in cloth bunting, the Wallace was indeed required to come within hailing distance of the French ship, where Laphin’s tremble nearly queered the deal. The man was so scared of giving away the ruse that he was even more unforthcoming than regular.
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“Bear free to do as you please.” Blaine grinned again and rested out on the bed. Chad licked his lips crawling towards him, resting his nose on Blaine’s and smiled, stretching up he kissed Blaine on his forehead, watching as he closed his eyes.

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‘Mmmm yes… I like that…’ she moaned, biting her lip.
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He put his agency over the receiver and whispered, “I’m going to… Hello, Charge, it’s Jim Ewart… fine, how about you? Look, I would like ten dollars worth of soup, flour and tinned grub sent over to Mrs. Henry Washington, at…” He looked at her again.

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The Triumph leftist the garage and turned shortly before Kings Irritated in spite of another night of ‘drunken debauchery’. Wrong. As it passed the MG that was parked a short distance from the motel, an oppose was passed from one car to another.
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