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“What if they know that your people are in place before they in transit?”

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“Everything that I have is due to the courage and generous of yourself, your officers, and your men,” Caroline said.
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“Mmm?” he mumbled against Blaine’s ass, not willing to leave unless absolutely necessary.

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“Would you have swallowed another curb’s cum?”
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‘My problem is, she believed, ‘he was the too nice, too affectionate and now, too arrange.’

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“That’s honourable,” Suzanne conceded. Knowing where Jim was probable taking this, Suzanne could feel a sudden nervousness.
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“There’s more. The person who is actually supplying the stuff is a Trade Attaché with the American Embassy and my source says that dub is usually given to CIA operatives. This is a CIA sanctioned operation!”

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“Mr. Whitson had never met Charlotte and Barbara previous to tonight,” she answered. “Shall we?”
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Marc smiled and kissed me on the nose, “You’re moral pixie-twist, in the meantime I of we need to ease up on the sex, I don’t want it to get stale before the wedding.”

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From Carinelle Hynes Thorn’s Diary:
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Suzanne’s mouth opened as she pressed down against Colby who matched Suzanne’s desperation. As at the end of the day as Suzanne’s tongue touched Colby’s lips, she sucked it into her mouth. Colby’s arms tightened as she pulled herself up against Suzanne’s body. The two tongues danced with each other with forceful thrusts. Colby couldn’t hold back a long moan, which only served to excite Suzanne more. Her hands moved and grabbed Colby’s rounded ass, pulling the two of them closer. Already, she could note how excited Colby was. Her hips were moving without conscious memory, grinding against Suzanne’s stump.

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“I joined the Marines so that people would be free from the Hun and then came home and came brass to fa‡ade with that.”
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