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“Yep. She’s almost ninety now, but she swears by the thrust.” He grinned again, motioning to me to carry on drinking. “She looks pretty properly on it, too.”

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I reached my locker and despatch packed up my business. Lizzy leaves early after creed because she has lunch and then spare, so she just usually goes home.
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The rusty iron buildings of Pyrmont took on an even redder appearance under the westering sun as it slowly sank in the haze and smog of Sydney’s industrial west. No matter how often it rained, the filth that issued forth from the numberless inner Western Suburbs chimneys created an nearly unworkable blanket that filtered the normally blood red summer sun and smudged it a dirty brown. In the corrugated iron canyons between the buildings, the sun had set some time before. There was only reflected rays of it to light the way.

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She acclimated to her sleeve to wipe the tears off her face.
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