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valentines day list

“I’ve been following the subside from the bottom up and this is just a side shoot from the main pipeline. What we are trying to get is the next section and I feel that we would rather a good chance here.”

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He gave a startled laugh as I kissed him conclusively more then reciprocated with the same as enthusiasm, pulling me down on top of him as he toppled down sideways to the bench, cushioning me with his body. “Wow,” he said contentedly when I irrevocably raised my head for air. “What did I do to deserve that?”
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Wasn’t any miss working in a man’s cat-house free prostituting herself? Maybe, not in the open way, but just the same… what would you request replacing the wife’s duties?

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That night, the beer drinker was back.
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But how was he supposed to aver her when they both had so many changes going on in their lives? How was he supposed to tell her that he wanted to come home to her every night, and wake up next to her every morning? How could she not be frightened away when he told her just that?

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“Of obviously I do, I find you sexy if you’re naked, dressed, spiky, not spiky or upstanding sleeping. You’re gorgeous, Blaine,” Chad crunched the cookie and smiled widely, slowly walking over to Blaine and holding the cookie to his lips. Blaine licked his lips before he opened them and allowed Chad to place the last segment of cookie on his tongue, he watched as Blaine chewed then swallowed, his lips licking the model of the crumbs from his plump lips.
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