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“Um, yes. I’m here for a 1 o’clock interview…?”

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But she wouldn’t pass judgment on him as she’d done over the phone. She’d let him handle his own situations and continue to wild him as she’d continually done. She raised a benefit man, and she trusted her handiwork.
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I moved closer, and our lips brushed.

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“Active! I have waited years in support of this opportunity.” The voice conjured up a picture of misty valleys where smoke from the still fires mingled with the mists that rose from the valley floor, of the inhabitants of the rough artificial dwellings eking a iffy existence hunting possums and squirrels for their meat and fur to supplement the wherewithal they made selling the potent bourbon in the interest of which the Tennessee mountains were famous.
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When both of their eyes flicked over at Colby, Suzanne realized she had to say something. “This is my patron, Colby. She’s been taking care of me the last handful days.” She looked all over at Colby. Peradventure Suzanne forgot that she already told her who Gayle was, but she felt compelled to say it again. “This is Gayle, Chloe’s mom.”

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James gazed upon his lover, took her present and said, “Oh, God, yes.”
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