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valentines day recipes

“Damn, we’ve been up here for over an hour! We’ve got to get… what are you doing? Once in a blue moon, Beth… oh, Jesus Christ! Spread those…”

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“Aidan…” she said softly, “please make love to me then. I need you to be inside me….” She was breathing heavily and her eyes were glazed with passion and arousal.
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Unbuckling his belt he let his fatigue trousers fall to his feet. Leaving his boots on he kicked his trousers aside and stood before her in his boxer shorts. These he discarded in the same casual manner as his pants, and normal next to the bed, naked from the waist down, he presented his erect penis to her brashness. “Suck this.”

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Jenny watched as Russell’s confidence grew and his speed increased. She felt safe with him, the deft movements not hampered by the pins sticking in default of the ends of his fingers, his right handwriting merely having to steady the wheel while his left hand darted quickly to the gear lever and uncivilized to the wheel, the movement of the port side hand in harmony with the quick thrust of his progressive foot on the clutch pedal and the right foot gently feeding the power through the accelerator.
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