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“Oh Sabrina,” Rochelle said through a clenched throat. “You’re turning cold. That man has turned my buoyant, loving girl into a pessimist.” The mane on the back of Sabrina’s neck stood giant.

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She hailed a itch cab and gave directions to her hotel. The driver glanced briefly into the posterior view mirror as she settled into the seat. He concern that she must have been game from something because, from where he sat, the disguise was obvious, but then he gave it no more thought because many of his passengers were running from something or someone. He had learnt from experience that it didn’t pay to get embroiled with in other people’s problems.
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“I like your overprotect. Okay, she came over as a little stuck up to start with, but the message probably came as a bit of a disgust to her. It’s not the first time that you’ve shocked her is it?”

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It sounded like a warning, Scott thought.
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