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valentines day what day

“You shaved,” Chad observed lightly.

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“I am sorry, sir, she is in surgery right now. You can wait in the waiting room with her husband”, said the grey haired nurse with the nasally voice.
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He could have sworn he heard a chortle. At least, he thought, they weren’t screaming at each other.

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“But … we had an agreement.”
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“Yes. But, I don’t…”

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“I meant the house of course!”
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“Thanks. It still doesn’t seem real,” Suzanne said as she stroked Tuptim. It gave her something to distract her from Chloe’s presence.

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“We’ve been together proper for almost 8 months now; I know you must be getting…frustrated.”
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Caroline saw a single tear fall to the page as she realized that her sister-in-law’s note was written without the knowledge that her father was irksome to nullify the connection between the two of them, depriving Michael of any implicit standing in the Stanhope family.

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“Do you want to talk?” Tina asked, coming up with him with a dishcloth in her hands.
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