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valentines delivery for him

From Alven Erickana Ruben’s Twitter…

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“Make love to me Coop,” Callia whispered, assignation him thrust for thrust. She cried outside as he began brushing against her g-spot, dug her fingers into his shoulders as he began thrusting harder and faster.
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Chance shook his head and smiled. “I was seated here during my mould stopover.”

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Chance shook his head and smiled. “I was seated here during my mould stopover.”
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“You don’t trust too many people do you?”

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“You don’t trust too many people do you?”
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John was still watching the Lionel train, its colorful yellow and orange cars chasing the midget steam locomotive around and round.

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Aidan kissed her forehead, then her lips one last on one occasion. “By a hair’s breadth don’t go anywhere. I’m gona trouble your help to get all of this done.”
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