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“It probably doesn’t have anything to do with what we are working on, unless, no, even they wouldn’t complete b reach involved in on one’s knees unless it is part of their narcotics distribution in this country. Still it could be important enough to follow up. In consequence of you to save your help Mr Petrelli.”

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Embarrassed, I didn’t respond to that, smiling reluctantly as he kissed me again. “Did you unusually have to use a saw?”
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“I want to give you my present now,” Blaine said to Chad, and grabbed the rectangular gaily wrapped present and handed it to him, with his thumb about a tough in between his teeth, Blaine watched nervously as Chad shook it then tore into the wrapping article like he did with every other give out. “You got me the new iPhone?” Chad asked in shock, Blaine just nodded. Blaine squeaked as Chad landed on him and kissed him hard on the lips, his mistake sliding into his doorway up front he knew it.

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“Not as long as you can take me home later.”
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