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valentines gift for friend

“No problem, I was fitting giving Jane here directions to Macie’s. Jane this is Charity.”

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“No problem, I was fitting giving Jane here directions to Macie’s. Jane this is Charity.”
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“Ohmygod, Mellie. We were so worried when you didn’t show up at school yesterday, and then the rumors started about how you were in a wheels crash with Oscar and Carlos. Is that unswerving? Did they crash into you?” This came from Danielle, who was always submerged in whatever gossip was flying around the school.

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Fuck her; I hope she dies in prison. He thought to himself. At the moment, she was being held in jail with no bail. Thankfully, anecdote of his neighbors had been outside mowing the lawn when Olivia shot the woman he loved. Two witnesses meant a long constantly in prison for sure. Imbecilic bitch. Most of the rest of that memory was a blur to him; the traumatize, the dialing 911 and shouting at the operator. But when he had knelt down alongside her, cradled her head in his lap and fling pressure on her wounds as best bib he could…time seemed to be enduring stopped. Nothing else had existed as she had gazed up at him with tears in her eyes, clutching onto him with what little strength she had.
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