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Cass gave a slight grin, knowing that she should honest accept that he gave in without a engage, and not be upset that he made her be given up with a driver. She missed their old driver Fred, but he had retired 2 months ago. William had been the driver ever since. She felt uncomfortable riding with William, frequently feeling his steel grey eyes painful through her as he stared at her in the rearview mirror.

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Neither did the thought of consequences. Colby crossed her mind. In all her years since Chloe, Suzanne had not ever let herself have a lesbian friend. She had acquaintances, but she never cause to any of them get close. Colby was the first. Maybe it was the trust that came with attachment that let Suzanne reveal herself. Nothing had been said, but Colby knew for the time being. That would change things; Suzanne was sure of that. Right now, she didn’t care how. That was something to worry on touching tomorrow.
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“I know,” Cooper managed.

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“And then, I met Bethany Rose and you and your children and here we are, wherever that is.
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