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“Yeah, but she’ll never believe that.”

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“We shall be more than happy to,” Caroline answered, “although…”
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When the waiter placed the fondant in front of her, Greg watched her reaction. He watched her gasp and smile in delight, he wanted to do that to her; and then he watched her cut into the sponge and coo gently as she watched the chocolate seep it’s way onto the white plate; he wanted to make her feign that sound. But the definitive straw was the way she slid the spoon into her mouth and sucked the contents of the spoon gently over her tongue. She closed her eyes and savoured the taste and groaned and made Greg harder than he had ever been in his life. He watched her, sharp his lip as she experienced the taste, and then got harder when those big brown eyes popped manifest and caught his crave filled gaze.

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“I want details from start to finish.” Rochelle replied blandly. Sabrina rolled her eyes before she went into the description of her rig and all the ungentlemanly things Quincy had done. She told her cohort about his car and the place they ate down to the food they ordered.
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Chad grinned and wrapped his arms around Blaine; they were almost asleep when a cuff pounded on the door.

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I looked down. ‘I will… Talk other..’ I said, turning around then walking away to my car.
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