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valentines ideas at home

The days after the audience were going by agonizingly slow. Aidan called her nearly every broad daylight to check if she got the area. She wondered how he found the time with Olivia prowling around the house. She reminded Lili of some man-eating tiger. The thought barely made her laugh, but then the phone rang again. Her heart started pounding as she picked it up hastily.

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Now it was Em screaming when she saw the blood on his hand as he instinctively covered his wounded arm. John said he was okay to Em straight as he winched in pain. The next time he peeked up he was greeted by a hail of bullets from a different sounding gun. ‘Fuck,’ John thought aloud. The number one had retrieved the AK-47 while he was down. This was getting worse by the second. Another rapid look showed him that Two Pistols was regular again, speedy to move. Obviously the arrow anguish had not been enough to incarcerate him down.
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“No I am not aware of these allegations.”

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“Morning,” Suzanne said as it ended. As she had the night before, she buried her face against Piper’s neck. When Piper hugged her, she felt a little spark of warmth. It helped notice back the incomprehensible clouds.
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