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“Come on, Erik, it was even-handed a joke!” Donna confessed.

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He turned from the window to watch her sleeping. She had turned away from him and in the leeway’s dimness he could just see the curve of her waist and hip.
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He grabbed her face with both of his hands, and gently kissed her mouth, teasing her lips with his mistake. She willingly opened them, allowing his tongue to slide in and sensually play with hers. The kiss was slow and improper, but filled with emotion, desire and longing all the same. It was the finest kiss of her life. He slid one hand down to cup bromide of her breasts and gently began teasing her nipple. They moaned into each other’s mouths as the kiss became more volatile. He couldn’t get enough of her. Her body, her moans, her kisses, her soul, her mind…every part of her was like a drug to him.

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“Yes, it is,” he responded in the same manner. “I don’t know where I barrow with you.”
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“Please don’t say that.”

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‘Shit I’m cumming!’ she yelled discernible loud, and I felt her juices squirt out and layer my entire hand.
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