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An indignant little voice piped up, “Yes daddy, I am six, but that was Aunty Tori’s bracelet.”

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“Can I come by, tonight, I mean?”
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“Oh…contribute to it on!” Blaine shouted and threw a snowball directly into Chad’s groin.

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“Then let me explain. I know that you and your government are providing Diplomatic protection to a couple of Employment Attachés. These men are assassins employed past your CIA to carry out a variety of tasks, reference, in the best interests of the US government, unquote. Unfortunately for you they have been carrying out their own disparaging vendetta against three British citizens and this got in the way of the consign they were sent to do. Are you following me so near the end b drunk?”
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“Get I really?” She cracked a smile. “Jeez, what a bum.” He laughed.

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Because of this his reflexes were slow, a point he had some time to on on as he slowly regained consciousness in time to see the three men leave the building and urge off in a dark coloured car. He was unable to recall the number of the conduit when the the coppers arrived in response to a neighbour reporting a disturbance.
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