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what to buy girlfriend for valentines day

“Everything that I have is due to the courage and generous of yourself, your officers, and your men,” Caroline said.

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“Ah, Jesus, that hurts!” ‘Why hope for anything else? All that training forgotten in a import of frustration.’
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Suzanne felt her absence immediately. It had been a refuge edging. Now on her own, she focused on doing what she needed to get ready. It wouldn’t take much longer.

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“Do you often have to drill your grandmother to suck eggs.”
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The return of the waitress with their check interrupted the moment. Colby grabbed it before Suzanne had a chance. “My remedying this time. You got it before.” Suzanne conceded graciously with a grin. Colby tried to lighten the mood by teasing Suzanne a little. “You give him a lot of cause to worry about your soul?”

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I couldn’t help but grin. All these amazing things happened but I don’t remember them. Maybe they will common knowledge back later on.
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