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what to do for valentines day for him

“You’re calling about Sabrina, good?” He got right to the application, ready to wound him with the update he was withholding. Somehow knowing that Keegan would be furious with him gave him more incentive. And his goodbye kiss was the item that made him pick up the phone. Just as he was pulling up to his garage, Keegan had his phone buzzing in his pocket. The timing was scarily perfect.

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The slacks were topped off by a red silk ‘v neck’. It was big tolerably to let a generous amount of cleavage show.
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“Do you realise that this will put over ASIO in a difficult stand. They will be put into effect under a grievous deal of pressure to do what the CIA wants them to do, even if it is against the best interests of the nation.”

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“Oh, look!” she exclaimed and pointed to the water. Flying fish gave pursuit for a while and then disappeared as something flew by in the dark.
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“Quite true, miss,” the lieutenant bowed to his captain’s seek with his own smile flitting across his usually saturnine features.

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“They don’t like competition. They much prefer a monopoly situation.”
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