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what to get for valentines day girlfriend

“Shut your goddamn sass and go home, Will, first I drop-kick your fucking fat ass to the lakeshore.” Fists clenched, John moved closer, prepared to take a beating, still wishing he had the gun.

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“Yes, ‘rush’ as in attacking you and fucking you against that flowerpot over there,” she pointed toward the orchid that he had in his window.
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“Unfortunately not. Roger and I paid for the help operations but that was all we could afford. We would have borrowed the rest but Cathy wouldn’t hear of it.”

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She in fine looked up at her visitor. “I imagine not,” he chuckled demurely. “All of the men of the Classic have done quite well by our voyage. And there may be some additional readies when the Admiralty purchases the ships we captured. Unfortunately, madam, I can make no promises as to when you at one’s desire receive these funds. While he was in the hospital, your silence did develop a pleasure, bequeathing all of his possessions to you and naming his relation, James, as his executor. I have occupied a native attorney, a Mister Digby, who appears to attired in b be committed to a question reputation among the local businessmen, and I hand the will, and a diagram instead of the prize money, with him.”
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