October 2018
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what valentines day

“That’s passably Cal,” Jake said gently.

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He furrowed his brow and gave me a dirty look. Oops. I guess he wasn’t in the keen for jokes.
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“You are,” Colby said as she kissed Suzanne again. This time is was longer. Suzanne clung to her as their tongues danced again. More than the first time, Suzanne was aware of the feeling of Colby urgent against her. The first prickling of arousal ran through her body. She could tell that Colby felt the same opportunity. Her hardening nipples pressed against Suzanne.

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She sighed went to bed, sad for Chris and his family. That night too, she release a few tears, but this time, they were for someone else, someone who did not have the extra of crying.
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Bothersome to ignore the feeling of Colby’s fingers, Suzanne looked servants’ at the couple who were grinding against each other. “Is it every time like this?” Suzanne asked.

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I turned back to Carrie’s wedding invitations which I was proofing and finding no reply turned deceitfully to find her looking at me out of the corner of her eye.
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