October 2018
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‘Good morning,’ Lizzy said, placing the tray at the bottom of her bed and placing a kiss to my cheek.

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He nodded and smiled, all at once quiet. Jill liberal him to it. She literate long ago from her brother that when men were alert to talk, they would. Prodding didn’t do anything to help them along. So they walked on in shut off, their fingers intertwined as twilight descended around them.
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“And you say the driver didn’t seem to distinguish what happened, he didn’t mention another car at all?”

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“You can see him skulking in the training but he’s not the star.”
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“The packet of fish and chips has been moved. Dig, we put it on the bench top right there here. If you feel here you will find that it is hot and there is condensation on the surface. Now over here where it is now is barely warm and there is no condensation.”

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He lifted his head slightly away from her.
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Eventually he turns his head toward me and speaks.

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“Well, it’s the location.”
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