November 2017
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With a yearn, Lucy boost the bread down and turned to her mistress.

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“Don’t worry about it.”
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“By the way, I made plans for us for after the trip the light fantastic toe if that’s alright. My friend Cameron is throwing a party at his house because his parents will be gone that weekend. Most of the school is going, including your friends and their dates. It’ll be fun.”
Sorry for the suspend but chapters should start flowing a spot better by reason of me since this weird transitional point in the story is over.
With a yearn, Lucy boost the bread down and turned to her mistress.
“Don’t worry about it.”
To the haphazard observer this was anyway another flight, but to the control it turned out that this had been different. The man who sat in the jump seat casually honing a substantial and already sharp-witted knife was not your ordinary passenger. On the side of that matter he was not your ordinary soldier. There was something about him that said ‘don’t ask’, and that is what the pilot resolved to do especially, after he saw the Lieutenant casually shake the hand of single warlord, lay his arm across his frankly and with the other hand slit his throat.


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